Grande Lui Haute Route - Bastiou and the Dream Team

Posted on: April 21, 2017

I met Toril and Chris from Norway for the first time earlier this season while I was running our 5-day introduction to ski touring course.

After a great week together and many laughs, they asked me at the end of the course if they would be able to ski the Haute Route despite of their lack of experience in ski touring.

After careful consideration, I decided to say yes, as these guys were physically strong, good skiers, super motivated (Chris wanted to do that trip before turning 50….), and above all so sweet…. with permanent smiles that never left their faces.

My one condition was to do the « Grande Lui Haute Route », instead of the « classic Haute Route », to avoid the large crowds always present on the first half of the trip.

The plan was to pass via Grande Lui, La Fouly, and Grand st Bernard, without using lifts, buses or taxis. The natural Haute Route.

After lots of anticipation, some bad weather leading up to the start of the trio and some challenging conditions, everything went well.

We enjoyed beautiful sunshine all week, and conquered each long stage carrying our 12 kilos rucksack’s with style, even if we had to revert to plan B on one occasion due to a broken biding, but this was nothing serious enough to worry our little team….

On the final day of the trip, we were all rewarded with  a great sunny day (and horrible snow…) as we descended along the huge glaciers of Stockji, surrounded by the impressive north face of the « Dent d’herens » and the great « Matterhorn », and we reached Zermatt one day before Chris’s 50th birthday…..

Huge congratulations to Chris, but especially to SuperToril who literally did half of the tour on one leg due to having an injured shinbone - you were a machine!

I hope to share many more tours with you in the future. Maybe even the Mont Blanc next year ;-)

Lots of love and cold beers,



UIAGM Mountain Guide, Chamonix Experience Team