Jerome and his adventures in 2016 /17

Posted on: May 1, 2017

This year has been very interesting in my professional and amateur mountaineering life. The 2016 “piolet d’or” came as quite a surprise for the ascent of Cerro Riso Patron in Patagonia. Although one can doubt of the legitimacy of such an event in an “out of bounds” activity such as alpinism, it was assuredly a great honour to meet legends like Voytek Kurtica and Mick Fowler.

The climbing/kayaking trip to Greenland has been the highlight of my summer with the first ascent of an 1700m high big wall, paddling 340km to get there... a lot of big numbers and sensations to match them. We climbed Metrophobia (1700m, A1, 120 degrees, 7a) in 6 days.

In September 2017, with Chamex guides Sebastien Corret and Martin Elias we will tackle another big objective, the east face of Cerro San Lorenzo in Patagonia.

The Chamex family is much more than extremely qualified working partners. Over these last years they have provided me with great work, friendship and life lasting climbing partnerships.


Jerome Sullivan 

UIAGM Mountain Guide, Chamex team