The snow-filled gullies, solid ice falls and frozen granite slabs of the Mont Blanc Massif are the ultimate winter playground. Develop your skills on one of our carefully designed winter mountaineering courses.

Winter Alpine climbing courses with Chamex mountain guides

Our courses range from beginner level which is suitable for those with no alpine or climbing experience whatsoever, up to advanced level for those who dream of summiting a world-famous 4000m peak.

Techniques such as belaying, rappelling and ropework will become second nature on both rock and ice, using equipment such as harnesses, axes, ice picks and crampons.

You’ll not only learn new skills and develop existing ones, but you’ll do so in some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring terrain in the world. All our instructors are fully qualified UIAGM high mountain guides and are passionate about sharing their expertise and experience with you.

Have a look at the options below to find a winter mountaineering course to suit you, or contact us directly to discuss the options.


You have no experience in the high mountains or rock climbing. You’re comfortable walking on exposed non - technical trails (not requiring the use of the hands, or “scrambling.”) You’re looking for new challenges in steeper terrain.


Winter Alpine Course Chamonix Introduction - Level 1

Introductory winter alpine climbing course including ice climbing, mixed climbing & glacier skills


You have some prior experience climbing or mountaineering. You know basic techniques (climbing in rock shoes, crampons/ ice axe) and basic maneuvers (belaying, rappelling, basic knots). You can follow grade IV ice and M3 in the high mountains.


Winter Mountaineering course Chamonix - L2

This is the intermediate course of our winter mountaineering progression courses, building on the skills covered on our L1 course. We designed this course for those who already have basic ice climbing, mixed climbing and glacier travel experience.


You have solid experience in the mountains or ice climbing. You’ve already completed multiple ascents graded French AD / M3 or harder and long, multi-pitch ice climbs. You are self sufficient with the basic equipment and safety techniques of multi pitch alpine and rock climbing (crampons, ice-axe, rock shoes, harness, belaying and rappelling). You are comfortable on various types of terrain - ice, snow, rock, and mixed. You can lead climb up to French 5 on rock/ gym, grade III ice, and alpine routes up to French PD (M3). You can follow up to French 6a-6b on rock, grade V ice, and alpine routes graded French D.


Winter Mountaineering Course Chamonix - Level 3

Level 3 winter mountaineering course for those who want to explore and climb serious ascents in Chamonix