Mont Blanc course 11 -18 July

Posted on: August 7, 2015

We have been having a great summer; hot and sunny without a single rainy day. All that you can wish for on your holidays! Unfortunately, this is not good climate for the glaciers and high mountain. The freezing level jumped up too high - nearly 5000m!  Melting of the permafrost caused increase in the size and frequency of rock falls in the Grand Couloir, which has to be crossed on the way to Gouter hut. Therefore, for security reasons, the access have been closed since the 17th July and will stay closed until the weather cools down and the conditions improve. 

We changed our programme and went to Italy to climb Mont Rosa. The Pyramide Vincent (4215m) and Parrotspitze (4432m)  of the Monte Rosa group offer exciting climbing with stunning views …. great summits, not to be missed! 

Thanks the climbers, Peter, Chris, Gwynfor, Aaron, Andrew, Rory, Urszula and Ofir, for understanding the change in the itinerary. Mother nature is not always on our side! 

Big thanks to our guides Jerome, Lise, Nico and Antoine for their great work!

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