You trek regularly and would like to push your boundaries into the alpine realm. With a guide you can pass from the hills into the high mountains and take on new challenges surrounded by majestic peaks and icy glaciers, involving short but difficult sections sometimes using cables, ladders, and basic scrambling. You will spend multiple days in the mountains, spending your nights in huts along the way, on an epic trek among the summits.


The Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn - The Walker's Haute Route

This legendary trekking route starts in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc and finishes in Zermatt beside the Matterhorn, via 10 of the Alps' 12 highest peaks - a true alpine adventure with stunning views at every turn of the trail.


Corsica Classic GR20 Hiking Route

Renowned for being Europe's most challenging trekking route, the GR20 covers 180km of rugged and wild terrain across the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica.


Corsica Highlights GR20 Hiking Route

All the highlights of Corsica's famous GR20 hiking route, condensed into a fantastic 6 day trek through the most beautiful parts of the island. Enjoy stunning views and explore incredible trails, while your luggage is transported to each night's accommoda