AIARE Level 2 Chamonix

AIARE Avalanche Safety - invest in something that could save your life

A new course for 2018. AIARE 2 have been re-designed to build on skills introduced in AIARE 1. This is a 3 day course designed to advance your decision making skills in more complicated situations.

AIARE mission is to “save lives through avalanche education”. We have no doubt this course could save your life.

The AIARE 2 is an avalanche awareness course specially designed to teach more advanced avalanche hazard management. It builds on skills introduced in AIARE 1. Students will learn how to analyze the weather, snow pack and avalanche processes and how to relate these factors to observations in the avalanche terrain. You will learn how to use your knowledge to plan and prepare a ski trip and how to lead a small group skiing in more complicated terrain.

A final debrief includes a knowledge quiz to test student comprehension and give feedback to course instructors. Students are encouraged and counseled on how to apply the skills learned and told that no course can fully guarantee safety, either during or after course completion. It will however, equip you with a much greater understanding of the mountain environment.

AIARE avalanche safety courses are the result of a collaboration between Canadian, Swiss and American mountain guides. AIARE sets curriculum standards for avalanche education from recreational to professional levels. The curriculum evolves with changes in the world of avalanche research and education. All AIARE instructors are certified and required to stay current for the level of course they are teaching.

There are currently 60 registered AIARE course providers and 200 instructors worldwide. Chamonix Experience is one of only two recognized AIARE course providers in Europe - more information can be found at

Chamonix Experience has been working alongside AIARE for many years and it is important to us not only to guide our clients in the great mountains surrounding us, but also to educate them so they can understand the risks and approach the mountains safely.

This course is always run by an AIARE instructor, who is also a qualified UIAGM mountain guide, which means that you benefit from the AIARE syllabus, as well as the experience of the mountain guide who has been leading clients in the mountains for years.

The AIARE Level 2 is a 3 day course, which aims to:

Identify and evaluate different avalanche hazards within the landscape Use and interpret weather, snow and avalanche activity observations to locate appropriate terrain before and during the trip. Demonstrate leadership skills within a small team that include initiating group discussion, promoting appropriate terrain selection, and using simple risk management strategies. Use a basic forecasting framework with and without the help of local supporting avalanche information.