Early Winter Off-Piste Ski Clinic

Chamonix off-piste ski course - get ready for winter 2017-18 with us!

This early season ski clinic is designed to get your legs back in action and dust off your ski technique, ready for a fantastic winter in Chamonix. This early winter ski clinic is essential for those who are serious about their skiing!

Our 5 day course offers expert ski instruction in off-piste skiing techniques by ENSA qualified ski instructors and UIAGM qualified mountain guides. The course also covers avalanche awareness tuition and transceiver training - invaluable skills if you intend skiing off-piste in Chamonix.

Our goal is to have you leaving this course ready for the winter, both in strengthening your off-piste ski technique and developing your mountain safety skills.

We only accept a maximum of 6 skiers per group to ensure that each participant receives maximum attention. Our ski instructor and mountain guide will take you through various on-piste and off-piste skiing exercises to work on your technique, using video analysis so that you can see your progress and what you need to focus on.

Chamonix is nice and quiet at this time of year; the off-piste ski slopes and the groomed pistes will most likely be fairly empty, other than for you and a few local enthusiasts. No lift queues will ensure quick laps on the mountain, so you will quickly be getting good mileage and building strong legs. When the first big snowfall comes, you'll be ready for it!

Our early season off-piste ski course involves plenty of time on the snow, with a few hours in the classroom to consolidate what you've learned.

We use video analysis to help you to: 

Find the weak spots in your ski technique and focus your training there Set goals in what you want to achieve and direct your training there

Once you've seen yourself in action you'll have a much clearer idea of what you need to improve on and how to achieve it. Our instructors will help you to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses, so that you can build on them and become a stronger skier. The techniques that we will teach you can be practised by yourself after the course has finished to enable you to continue your development as a confident off-piste skier.

Level Requirements

This course is for:

Expert on-piste skiers who can already handle black runs and moguls but are beginners in off-piste skiing and wish to gain confidence skiing on varied terrain. Experienced off-piste skiers who would like to improve their skills under the professional guidance of our ENSA ski instructors and who are interested in the mountain safety skills taught by our UIAGM mountain guides.

Chamonix Off-Piste Conditions

Chamonix has incredibly varied terrain and over the 5 days of this course you will learn how to handle different conditions and types of snow. Much of your training will take place at Les Grands Montets, Chamonix's biggest ski area, where you will find everything from glaciers to powder bowls. Throughout the course you'll be developing various skills that will make you a stronger and more confident off-piste skier, such as how to:

parallel turn on steep slopes tackle moguls and uneven terrain control your turns amongst trees keep your balance in deep snow increase your strength and stability on your skis

Chamonix's unique location on the border of three countries means that you can experience skiing the best of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps; depending on conditions we may take you over the border for a taste of off-piste skiing in one of our neighbouring resorts. Snow conditions early in the season can be unpredicatable but this is what we're here for! If conditions in Chamonix are not favourable we have other resorts such as Verbier, Zinal and Cervinia nearby that we can relocate to.

Off-Piste Safety

Above all, mountain safety is our highest priority, which is why as well as skiing techniques we also teach you how to ski off-piste safely. Avalanche awareness and transceiver search are essential to your skill set as a confident off-piste skier, especially when skiing the Chamonix backcountry routes that can take you far away from the patrolled ski areas. Our instructors are all qualified UIAGM mountain guides with all the knowledge and experience needed to teach you the basic mountain safety techniques.