Traversée de la Meije 3983 mètres

A mythical alpine traverse in the Oisans massif

At 3983m, La Meije is the second highest mountain in the Ecrins massif. The traverse is a one of the best classic routes of the Alps, following a long high ridge that overlooks the small alpine village of La Grave below.

La Meije is one of the mythical Alpine summits and its traverse is a demanding but extremely rewarding experience, much of it at just below 4000m altitude.

Along the way you will pass through rock, snow and ice - there will be some challenging climbing involved and technical descents that require a good level of fitness and alpine experience.

We start our adventure in La Grave, a small village with a big reputation that attracts mountaineers and climbers from all around the world. Taking the Vallons de la Meije cable car up into the mountains, we hike and climb over Breche de la Meije, a steep and demanding route to reach the highest point of the traverse at the Grand Pic. From here it is a jagged route along a series of "dents" or "teeth" until we reach the "Doigt de Dieu" or "finger of god" - an epic journey that ends with a series of abseils down to the refuge de l'Aigle.

The traverse of the Meije is an unforgettable experience in a challenging high mountain environment; you will be lead by a fully qualified and highly experienced mountain guide but you will also need to have a reasonable amount of mountaineering experience yourself. If you are unsure of your suitability for this trip, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Level Requirements

The Meije traverse is a challenging climb in a demanding high altitude environment - you will need to have experience of mixed climbing using axes and crampons. Some of the terrain is steep and a good level of fitness is necessary.

Being on a high ridge, much of the route is very exposed and you will greatly benefit from being well acclimatized prior to the trip.

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