Climb Mont Blanc with a private guide

Climb Mont Blanc with a private Chamonix Experience Mountain Guide in 1:1 ratio over 4 days.

This 4 day programme was designed for those who prefer to summit the Mont Blanc with a private guide. There will be no other person on the rope with you and the ascent will be adapted to your speed and abilities. You will have the full attention of your guide allowing faster progress during the training days as well as faster ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc.

This programme is divided into two parts:

The first two days are allocated for preparation, acclimatisation and training. You will visit one of the famous local glaciers - Mer de Glace, Argentiere glacier or the iconic Vallee Blanche. You will spend 1 night in a mountain hut to adjust to the high altitude and low air pressure. We will work with you on your ice axe & crampons techniques, rope work and glacier travel safety skills. 

The last two days are allocated for the Mont Blanc ascent. You we will climb Mont Blanc via the Gouter hut. We will stay either in the Tete Rousse or the Gouter hut, depending on the weather and conditions. We will summit the Mont Blanc on the last day of the programme and return to Chamonix.