Crevasse Rescue Course

Chamonix Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Safety Course

Available all year around

Most off-piste skiers and snowboarders are going to end up on a glacier at some point, so we offer this course to equip people with the skills to travel safely in glacial terrain.

When skiing on a glacier the main danger is that of falling into a crevasse, so we show you how to perform a crevasse rescue, along with choosing your route and how to travel roped-up.

If you ski off-piste in Chamonix then you are likely to be exploring glacial areas such as Les Grands Montets and the Vallée Blanche - both incredibly beautiful and exciting places. There is nothing quite like skiing or snowboarding in Alpine terrain, passing spectacular glacial formations and being surrounded by magnificent alpine peaks. Unfortunately, on glaciers there is an ever-present risk of falling into a crevasse, as well as the threat of seracs and lumps of ice falling from above.

However, our experience as mountain rescuers (PGHM Chamonix) means that we want you to enjoy these amazing places as safely as possible.

In winter season, our crevasse rescue course is specifically designed for snowboarders and skiers. It will teach you how to plan a trip on a glacier, how to identify and avoid crevasses and seracs and how to conduct a crevasse rescue. It is a great introduction for anyone planning on skiing or snowboarding off-piste in Chamonix or elsewhere.

During the summer season, this course will not require the use of skis. We will focus on the glacier trekking safety skills, risk managment on both: snow covered and dry glaciers, rope techniques and rescue techniques. 

Our crevasse rescue course is particularly for those who want to venture not just off-piste, but also into high mountain glaciated terrain, where there is the inherent danger of crevasses and seracs.

You will be taught how to read glacial terrain to minimise crevasse risk, how to travel roped up on glaciers - on foot and on skis, and how to carry out a crevasse rescue in a number of different scenarios.

The goal of this course is to teach you: 

Glacier travel risk management Rope work for glacier travel Building and testing of snow anchors in snow and ice Crevasse self-rescue Different haul systems (2:1, 3:1, 5:1 and 6:1) Ascending and descending in rescue scenarios