Gran Paradiso ski tour

Five days ski tour for intermediate to expert skiers in Grand Paradiso national Park. Stay in cosy huts, eat Italian food and summit Gran Paradiso (4061m)

The Grand Paradiso national park, created from the private game reserve of Victor Emmanuel II and donated by his grandson, Victor Emmanuel III in 1920, is Italy’s oldest national park. There is a multitude of wildlife, including large herds of ibex (for which the game reserve and park was created) and chamois.

The skiing and mountaineering are great, with a multitude of options and itineraries to suit experienced ski alpinists. Previous ski touring experience and solid technique both ascending and descending are prerequisite. The gear used on the trip cannot be changed along the way, so some practice days with the specific equipment is recommended highly. Good physical fitness and familiarity with hut to hut touring also add to the margin for enjoyment.

This tour is a traverse of the Grand Paradiso National Park, finishing with an ascent of the Grand Paradiso, the only 4000 meter peak in Italy not bordering another country. An excellent ski touring peak, this tour offers steep, wild, and complex mountain terrain accessed from a series of relatively comfortable huts.


Group of 2 skiers 1950€ per person

Group of 3 skiers 1420€ per person

Group of 4 skiers 1150€ per person