Basic avalanche safety 1 day course for those who wish to enjoy safe & responsible back country skiing in Chamonix

Chamonix Experience offers a basic avalanche awareness and safety course for those who wish to enjoy safe and responsible backcountry skiing. You are the only one who can reduce your risk through your actions!

The goal of the avalanche safety course L1 is to transport avalanche theory into the field and allow this knowledge to be solidified there. In this way, you will understand vital information about how avalanches occur and learn tips on optimal tour planning, correct behavior on tour, and the perfect rescue method.

Due to our background in mountain rescue (PGHM Chamonix) we know all too well how important it is to be aware and informed of the risks when going off-piste in Chamonix and elsewhere. The Avalanche Safety Course is your opportunity to take responsibility for your own welfare in the mountains.

If you do not wish to join an open group, you can take this course with a private mountain guide at a cost of 450€ for groups of up to 6 participants per guide. We can organise larger groups with multiple guides on request, please contact us for details. Dates are on demand.