Steep Skiing Course Chamonix

Steep & deep off-piste in Chamonix, the extreme skiing capital of the world

Chamonix is well known for its steep skiing terrain - the Rectiligne Couloir at Les Grands Montets, the ENSA couloir and Hotel Face at Brevent, the Grand Envers on the Vallée Blanche - need we say more?!

Furthermore, all of this playground is easily accessible by ski lifts – the Aiguille du Midi cable cars take you from the centre of Chamonix town up to the start of the Vallée Blanche at 3842m.

The Chamonix Experience steep skiing course is designed to improve your off-piste skiing skills and push your ski technique up to the next level. In the safe hands of our UIAGM mountain guides you will gain confidence and strengthen your technique to tackle steeper and more challenging terrain than you've ever skied before.

More than just a week of off-piste guiding, you will receive expert tuition in steep skiing skills such as learning how to handle all types of terrain, how to ski safely down couloirs, how to perform jump turns on steep faces, how to control your speed on icy snow, how to use your skis as an anchor and much more besides. We'll also cover essential off-piste skills that could save your life such as avalanche safety and rope work. This course will teach you more in 5 days than most people learn in a whole season.

We will choose slopes that will be challenging for you but not too far above your limits, so that you progress at a steady rate over the 5 days of your steep skiing course in Chamonix.

If you're not quite ready for this course but want to improve your off-piste skiiing skills, we recommend our Chamonix Off-Piste Introduction - a 5 day course where you will learn all the essentials of skiing off-piste terrain in all snow conditions right here in the Chamonix valley.


Our Chamonix steep skiing course is divided into two parts: 2 days of technical training and 3 days of focussed ski tuition whilst riding the most amazing couloirs and slopes around Chamonix and Courmayeur.

You will benefit from the advantage of a small ski group, as we accept a maximum of 3 clients per mountain guide. This not only ensures greater safety but also enhances your enjoyment of the course as you will be skiing with people of a similar standard and level of experience as yourself, meaning that you'll all make maximum progress.

Safety training & Course learning outcomes

Above all, mountain safety is our highest priority, which is why as well as steep skiing techniques we also teach you how to ski off-piste safely. Avalanche awareness and transceiver search are essential to your skill set as a confident off-piste skier, especially when skiing the Chamonix backcountry routes that can take you far away from the patrolled ski areas. You'll also learn more advanced safety techniques such as:

Ropework and rapelling Using your skis as an anchor Skiing safely down couloirs Controlling your speed on steep icy faces Avalanche search and rescue methods

Our instructors are all qualified UIAGM mountain guides with all the knowledge and experience needed to teach you the essential mountain safety techniques.


Level Requirements

Our Chamonix steep skiing course is physically demanding and so it is essential that you prepare yourself. Regular practice of any kind of endurance sport such as ski touring, hiking, running, biking or swimming is the best kind of training. We also recommend core strength exercises – Pilates and yoga are perfect. This course is for expert off-piste skiers only and you will need to be:

Confident and quick skiing off-piste on snow of varied quality Experienced in using ice axes and crampons Prepared to climb up steep couloirs and abseil with your skis attached to your rucksack Physically fit with good strength and stamina

The best preparation for this course is to complete our Off-Piste Performance Ski Course first, it will lay the foundations and give you the strength and skills necessary to get the most out of your time.

If you're not sure which course is best for you, or if you simply want to ask us some questions, please contact us on and we will be happy to help you.


Off-Piste in Chamonix

Chamonix has incredibly varied terrain, making it the perfect place to learn to ski steep off-piste. It has a world-wide reputation for extreme skiing and challenging backcountry. Over the 5 days of this course you will learn how to handle different conditions and types of snow whilst maintaining control in steep couloirs, deep powder bowls, dense forests and amongst glaciers.

Les Grands Montets and Aiguille du Midi give access to fantastic off-piste options that will both challenge and exhilirate you. You can ski the Vallee Blanche down one of the many less frequented and more formidable routes such as Grand Envers, or get the adrenaline pumping in the notorious couloirs of the Argentiere basin.

Chamonix's unique location on the border of three countries means that you can experience skiing the best of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps; depending on conditions we may take you over the border for a taste of off-piste skiing in one of our neighbouring resorts such as Verbier or Courmayeur.

Off-Piste Progression

We offer a full programme of off-piste ski courses in Chamonix, with our steep skiing course being one of the most advanced. In order to build up to this level we recommend that you start with our Introduction to Off-Piste Skiing before joining our Off-Piste Performance Clinic. Once you have mastered the required skills and are confident on all types of terrain, you'll be ready to explore the limitless options of the Chamonix valley on our Chamex'Plore off-piste ski safaris.