Up & Down Adrenaline - Level 3

The ultimate mixed activity adventure and the perfect way to spend a hot summers day in the mountains.

All participants are gaurnateed to finish the day feeling completely exhausted and with huge smiles on their faces.


Securely roped to your guide you will spend the morning scaling iron ladders, cables and high lines botled to a rock face suspended upto 180m above the valley below. A sweaty & adreneline pumped up hill climb to the top of the course which will take you a good 2h to complete.  

After a well deserved pic nic lunch in the forest, you will be transported a short distance to the start of the canyoning location>

Once you have successfully clambered into your wetsuits you will then enjoy a refreshing 2h decent of the Canyon de la Belle au Bois in nearby Megeve, abseiling down waterfalls, jumping into pluge pools & sliding down 800m of natural tabogans.

Children from 14 years.

Participants must be proficient swimmers.