Born in Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic, Blanka travelled the world before arriving in Chamonix in 2003.

It was her passion for climbing that drove her to this town but she enjoys many different sports and still loves to travel. Rock climber, skier, occasional horse rider, diver and surfer with love for the mountains and nature.

Blanka started to work at the Chamonix Experience office in 2014, after finishing her studies in Natural Sciences.



Lucy is the newest member of the Chamex family and our honorary “Roast Beef”, originally hailing from the UK.

Her passion for freeride skiing, climbing, and the drama of the mountains brought her to Chamonix some 14 years ago and she now can't imagine living anywhere else.

With her great local knowledge and over 17 years of experience working in the outdoor travel industry, she is the perfect person to help coordinate the daily operation and development of our energetic and ambitious company.

Lead Guides



Pete is an American UIAGM qualified mountain guide who grew up in rural central New York State. He started hiking, backpacking and skiing at the age of 14. He fell in love with rock climbing and mountaineering when he was in university and after graduation he moved to Boulder, Colorado, and continued to climb and ski as much as possible.

Pete moved to France in 2003 and became the second American to attain guide certification in the French system. Pete loves to share his passion of the mountains. He is accomplished in all aspects of mountaineering; skiing, ski touring, winter climbing, bouldering and rock climbing. He now lives on the other side of Mont Blanc in Courmayeur, Italy, with his wife and little daughter Maelle.



Sebastien was brought up in the Pyrenees, where he discovered climbing and mountaineering. After passing his ski and snowboard instructor exams in 2000, Sebastien became qualified as a UIAGM mountain guide in 2007. 

Sebastien spends all of his time climbing and being in the mountains with his friends. He loves discovering new places worldwide; he has climbed and guided in Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Kirghizstan, Nepal, USA and Argentina.

Notoriously always in good humour, Sebastien loves to share fun stories with his friends and clients, he never fails to make you laugh while you are in his company. Although an extremely concientious and professional guide, Sebastien is without any doubt the cheeky chappy of the team!



Director and owner of Chamonix Experience, Sébastien is a UIAGM mountain guide, ski guide, French qualified ski instructor and an active climber.

He started his professional career as a PGHM mountain rescuer in Chamonix, before making the decision to become a full-time mountain guide. At the age of 37, Sébastien has over 22 years' experience in the mountains and has led several expeditions worldwide.

His passion for mountaineering has become the essence of Chamonix Experience. He channels all his time and energy into the company to ensure it provides excellent courses, with lots of cool climbing and skiing adventures on the mountain.

When he’s not guiding, Sébastien enjoys sailing, windsurfing and he also plays ice hockey.




Coming from a family of passionate mountaineers, Aymeric was raised with climbing and skiing in his blood. He has travelled the world, chasing adventure in Peru, Alaska, Nepal, Patagonia, Pakistan, to name only the "classics".

Wanting to share this passion, he graduated from the National School of Ski & Mountaineering in 2007. From novices to experienced alpinists, Aymeric guides everyone with true joy and loves to introduce people to the exceptional natural terrain of our valley. Despite his extensive travels, the Mont Blanc massif remains his favourite terrain, both for training and to share his experience and knowledge.

Aymeric enjoys an eclectic array of disciplines but in winter he favours off-piste skiing and ice climbing, whereas in summer he can often be found rock climbing or canyoning. His years of experience have led him to appreciate the adage: "a good mountaineer is an old mountaineer".



Corrado "Korra" Pesce is a 34 year old mountain guide, born and raised in Italy. He moved to Chamonix at the tender age of 19 and began guiding in 2009.

An extremely gifted climber, Korra has lead expeditions around the world and visited many iconic mountain locations such as Nepal, India, Patagonia and Canada. His passion and commitment has pushed him to test his skills on some of the Alps' most difficult and technical climbs.  

When he is not guiding, Korra enjoys nothing more than taking time out to share his passion for skiing and climbing with his beautiful daughter.



Didier was born and grew up in the Pyrenees, where he discovered his passion for climbing, mountaineering and skiing.

He moved to Chamonix in 1983 to train as a ski instructor and stayed here ever since, pursuing his mountain career to also qualify as a UIAGM mountain guide in 1989. This relatively rare double qualification allows Didier to work as a ski guide whilst helping people to improve their off-piste techniques. 

Didier is also a passionate rock climber and mountaineer, with 4 years experience as an expeditions leader in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Didier is passionate about his work and enjoys sharing his love for mountains with everyone around. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and 3 lovely daughters, travelling together in search of climbing, adventure and culture.





Eric was born and raised in Briançon in the French Haute Alps, so started his adventures in the mountains at a very young age. By age 3 he was skiing and by age 16 he had discovered alpine climbing and ice climbing in the high mountains.

Eric later joined the PGHM mountain rescue service, where he worked for 5 years before qualifying as a UIAGM guide in 2015.

His passion for the mountains has naturally lead him to travel the world, leading expeditions in the USA, Canada and the Himalayas, as well as putting in many impressive first ascents in the French Alps, a little closer to home.

When he's not guiding, skiing or climbing with friends, Eric can be found surfing or skydiving. A bit of an all round action man really!



Jerome was born in the states before migrating to Bordeaux at the age of 10 years. With an early taste for adventure, he quickly understood how vast and varied the world was, motivating him to travel around the globe in search of remote mountains to climb.

Jerome became a fully qualified UIAGM guide in 2015 and has many years of experience in the high mountains, spending time in Alaska, India and Patagonia.

With a thirst for verticality in both directions, mountaineering and skiing for Jerome is just as much about pushing your personal limits as it is about sharing the experience and friendships you gain along the way.

More unusually, Jerome has recently confessed to us that he is also an accomplished accordion player and red wine connoisseur. Well, he is an adopted Frenchie after all!



Julien was born in Grenoble with direct access to the mountains.
At the age of 18, he hesitated between becoming an engineer or a guide... but it was the mountains that won out.
After having climbed several summits in Pakistan, Peru, Nepal, Jordan, the United States and Morocco, he chose Chamonix as his base camp to be as close as possible to his choice.
Mountaineering is a limitless playground and his greatest pleasure is to put down the skis in the middle of winter to take his crampons and ice axes for a day of ice climbing. This is why he loves all aspects of mountaineering.
For Julien, the essence of the guide's job lies in one sentence from Gaston REBUFFAT: "The mountain dispenses a richness that is priceless, the happiness that one discovers in the eyes of those who frequent it".



Maël was born Grenoble, France. Growing up with snowy peaks in full view from both his home and the classroom windows, his relationship with the mountains developed from a very young age.

Maël spent most of his younger years climbing, mountaineering and skiing in this natural playground, until qualifying as a UIAGM mountain guide in 2015, allowing him to share his passion on a daily basis with his clients. The dream job!

His enthusiasm for mountain sports and wingsuiting has taken him around the world to New Zealand, Canada, USA, China, Pakistan, Népal, Bolivia, Perou, Ecuador & Morocco.



For Martin, life means adventure and good humour.

He arrived from the Pyrenees in Spain to Chamonix a few years ago to be train with the French mountain guide school and he has already the most difficult north face routes in his pocket. He climbs the same way as he works, with passion, and he always tries to do things better and encourage people around him. He likes to share his experience and give advice about how to improve and move with efficiency in the mountains. He is always motivated to discover new areas and to climb new routes.

There is no doubt, Martin is a fun companion to go into the mountains with or even just to enjoy a coffee together.



Octavio was born in Argentina, moved to Toulouse in France to study and promptly fell in love with the Alps. In 1995 he settled in the Chamonix valley, devoting himself to mountain life.

Subsequently Octavio completed the French Mountain Guide qualification. Octavio has over 20 years experience of traveling the world, either as an amateur or a professional, in skiing, climbing or biking expeditions. He has always focused on discovering the remotest and wildest corners of the globe.

Octavio has been working as a full time mountain guide since 2003. Octavio escapes from home as soon as the snow arrives to find the best powder to ski.



Originally from Grenoble, Olivier moved to Chamonix after first spending time in both Nice and Paris, where he attained a degree in philosophy. He has explored many of the world's iconic mountaineering locations but fell in love with the Mont Blanc massif here in Chamonix.

He has climbed both as amateur and professional for many years and thrives on the often harsh and unforgiving but ultimately exhilarating nature of the high mountains.

Olivier sees his occupation as a mountain guide not only as a job, but a privilege. With each new mountain experience, he strives to ensure his clients gain a deeper understanding of the fragile balance between nature and adventure.



Philippe has worked as a mountain guide for 15 years. He loves ski touring far away from the crowds, which pushes him to find those hidden slopes that are rarely skied - he only skis where it is good!

As a climber he loves the big classics (most of all those that are aesthetic or have history), and as soon as the ice forms he has his ice axes in his hands.

For travelling he opts for the more unusual climbing and skiing destinations like Oman, Lebanon, Greenland, Japan. He has a vast experience of ‘ski safari’ in Europe, USA, Canada and South America, and for expeditions he favours Neap or South America. But it is Chamonix that he has called "home" since the mid-nineties.

Philippe is also a keen surfer, parapentist and speedrider… and not to be forgotten, he loves good wine and good food.



Since he was a young boy Raphael always dreamed of working and living in the mountains. He has been climbing since the age of 17 and developed his love for the outdoor life in Briançon, surrounded by the mountains of the Massif du Vercors in southeastern France. He then travelled north to discover the high mountains of the Mont Blanc range.

Whilst working with the Chamonix PGHM mountain rescue service, he made the decision to turn his passion into his fulltime job and qualified as a mountain guide. He has been working as a guide for over 15 years in the Chamonix valley and loves ice climbing and skiing, enjoying the descent just as much as the climb.

Raphael is also a qualified mountain bike instructor and passionate photographer. When he is not either working as a guide or enjoying time with his family, you will find him riding his bike on the the steep Chamonix trails.



Sara is woman of many skills;  A UIAGM qualified mountain guide, trekking guide, skilled musician & pharmacist - all in one!

Growing up in Nice, Sara's passion for the mountains developed as a result of spending most of her holidays & free time skiing climbing & hiking in the southern Alps.

When she moved to Chamonix to work in a pharmacy she discovered the high alps & quickly became an expert alpine climber, ice climber & skier. She then passed her Trekking guide diploma (IML), swiftly followed by her UIAGM Mountain Guide qualification a few years later.

Sara's infectious smile & energy ensure that all of her clients leave the mountains having had an unforgetable experience. Guiding you over rock, snow & ice, she may even play the flute for you too! 



Yves was born in Normandy, grew up in Paris, and has lived in the Chamonix valley for over 20 years. He has been a UIAGM qualified guide for over 12 years. Like many guides, he has done many north face ascents and climbing expeditions, but his favorite activity in the mountains is ski touring and off-piste skiing - the steeper the better! 

He boasts a vast knowledge of off-piste itineraries around the Mont Blanc range and Aiguille Rouge, and also in Italy and Switzerland.

His passion for the outdoors is not limited to the mountains. Yves is also an experienced sailor and in 2004 he successfully completed a solo Atlantic crossing.