Snowboard Courses

Chamonix valley and the surrounding mountains offer magnificent terrain for snowboarding. Chamex have created several snowboard specific courses to help you push your riding skills to the next level.

Snowboard freeride courses with Chamonix Experience snowboard instructors and guides The aim of our courses is to work with you on your style and technique, as well as to take you riding on some of the famous Chamonix descents such as the classic Vallée Blanche, Pas de Chèvre or Rectiligne couloir. As well as exploring some of the best powder and awesome descents in the Alps, you’ll also gain confidence and become a better snowboarder both on and off-piste. We’ll equip you with the skills you need to make the most of our amazing terrain. If the Chamonix valley is too small for you or if the weather is bad, we can take you to fabulous freeride terrain in Courmayeur, Italy. Just a short drive through the Mont Blanc tunnel and you’ll find yourself in another beautiful country with magical forests, steep descents and possibly the best coffee in Europe… Wax your snowboard and sharpen your edges - the powder is waiting!


Discover backcountry snowboarding. You have a good level snowboarding on piste, and are comfortable skiing on all groomed runs, making small turns, turning on demand, and skiing moguls/ bumps. You have no experience venturing off-piste, and would like to get further from the lifts - skiing powder and “natural” mountain snow.

Chamonix snowboard freeride introduction course

Discover the best off piste riding in Chamonix with 5 days of top tuition from Chamex snowboard instructors.


You have experience backcountry or side country snowboarding. You can descend in various snow types, without falling (excessively…) or stopping. You’re comfortable on slopes up to 35°. You have practiced companion rescue, and are familiar with basic traveling methods in avalanche prone terrain.


Advance your freeride skills with Chamonix Experience ENSA qualified snowboard instructors while riding the legendary Chamonix off piste terrain


You regularly practice backcountry snowboarding and have a solid repetoire. You ride confidently in all types of backcountry snow, and are comfortable in couloirs (gullies) up to 35°.

5 Day Chamonix Splitboard Course

Introductory splitboard 5 day course; learn essential split boarding techniques to discover Chamonix classic backcountry tours.