Our partnership with Arcteryx

Arc'teryx & Chamonix Experience

Our partnership with Arc’teryx dates back to 2014. Since then, our collaboration and combined mission has evolved to embrace and bring together the local guiding community, mountain enthusiasts and athletes from all over the world.

Arc'teryx  & Chamonix Experience community centre

We opened our Artery’x community centre & Chamonix Experience Mountain Guiding office space in June 2016. Here, we welcome people joining us on our guided trips and courses, play host to various Chamonix Momentum seminars and events, hold meetings for mountain guides and professional athletes or simply offer an inviting space for passing mountain enthusiast to come have a chat, chill and drink coffee. Come and visit us!


Arc'teryx Alpine Academy

Advance your mountain skills in Chamonix Mont Blanc 

The Arc’teryx Alpine Academy is an incredible 4 day annual community inspired event celebrating and promoting Alpine sports in Chamonix.

In collaboration with team Arcteryx Athletes and ambassadors, Chamonix Experience’s take between two and three hundred alpine enthusiasts into the mountains to enjoy a variety of inspiring clinics covering everything from Alpine climbing and bolts and belays to landscape photography, trail running and overnight biving.

This years Academy will be running from the 4 - 7 July 2019.

Whether you are an experienced mountain junkie or are just looking to dip your toes into the world of the high mountains for the first time, this is a fantastic, fun and extremely affordable event to get your teeth stuck into. Take a look at the official Academy website here to learn more about the various clinics and how to get involved: 


Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Tutorials

This is true everywhere and especially in the mountains. We wish to share our expertise and skills with you and we do so through the video tutorials, Chamonix Momentum seminars & events, the Artc’teryx Alpine Academy clinics and Chamonix Experience courses.

Check out the links below, where Chamonix Experience mountain guide Pete Mason shares some of the essential techniques and skills needed for safe travel and climbing in the high Alpine environment.