Avalanche safety courses

Learn essential life-saving skills for safe skiing and snowboarding in the mountains and on glaciers. Get ready for winter and join our avalanche awareness courses and companion rescue training days.

Avalanche awareness and rescue training courses in Chamonix Whether you are an off-piste novice or seasoned back country rider, anyone planning to venture away from the marked trails and unpatrolled ski areas should have a prior and up to date knowledge of avalanche awareness and search and rescue techniques. These basic and very simple skills can really make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation and take only a few hours of your time to master or refresh. We have a range of courses, from one day basic avalanche risk assessment and search and rescue training to 3 day AIARE certified programmes, teaching you everything from sensible route planning and transceiver use to safe glacial navigation and snow profiling.


Chamex avalanche safety course L1

An educational and practical 3 days course to teach you about safety in the mountains, risk assessment, snowpack analysis, weather interpretation, and how to carry out avalanche search & rescue.

Avalanche Rescue Course

Our one-day A3 certified course teaches how to be prepared and respond to an avalanche incident. Learn with us the skills and techniques of companion rescue.


Basic avalanche safety 1 day course for those who wish to enjoy safe & responsible back country skiing in Chamonix