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The great Petit Dru to the Grand Dru traverse is a serious and committed route, a true monument of mountaineering.

Challenging route, Petit Dru – Grand Dru traverse

The Drus is an immense granite face towering over the Chamonix Valley. 

The smaller neighbour to the Aiguille Verte , it is impressive and imposing. The 900m west face is steep, technical, and a stunning complement to one of the six great north faces of the Alps – recognised for it’s significance in the birth of modern mountaineering. 

The Drus has two separate summits: The Grande Aiguille du Dru (3754m) and Petite Aiguille du Dru (3733m), connected by the Breche du Dru (3697m). 

The traverse, first completed in 1901, remains a serious and committing route – a true test for experienced alpinists. 

While the climbing is quite technical and physical in places, the true challenge lies in combining the climbing, length, terrain complexity, altitude, and level of commitment. 

We have included additional night in the Charpoua hut for your comfort. You do not need to hurry to catch the last train back to Chamonix or face a long walk down in case you missed it. We know that the timing is tight and it can be stressful if you are tired. You can rest in the hut for the night and descent the next day. 

Our Chamex mountain guides will be delighted to climb this truly iconic route with you!

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Physical fitness 5/5
1 day of climbing
2 nights in a mountain hut
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